The Tour is On!

This tour will be legend – wait for it – dary. Legendary!

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Here it is. The first picture from the first show of our first national tour. It was an awesome show, with all our friends at it to send us off.

This is Port Angeles. It is a small town composed of a little over 19,000 people. Dillan and I were both born and raised here, we formed our first friendships here, got our first breaks here, and met each other here (oddly we met as adults, but that’s a different story). And these are the people who watched us grow, people who attended our talent shows in our awkward middle school years, people who believed in us when we were discouraged and picked us up when we fell.

There is a lot to be said for doing things on your own, but you can only get so far without the support of the people around you. These people have walked with us through our lows, and celebrated with us in our highs, which leads us to last nights show. Dillan and I practiced for hours, days and weeks to get ready for this tour. We designed t-shirts and totes, we booked every single show we’re going to play, and it was very purposeful that we started everything at our favorite coffee shop in our hometown. My family was there, Dillan’s family was there, our neighbors, teachers, students and friends were all there.

It is the best way to start anything, remembering where you’ve been, and it is only from here that we can move forward with the support of everybody here, at home.

And forward we will go!

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