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So Oklahoma is waaaaay different then either of us thought it would be. Being from Washington, when I thought of Oklahoma, I thought of one of these two images:

Needless to say, Oklahoma, like every other state, is no longer in the Great Depression and while they do have an occasional tornado, slightly less than 4 million people live there, and have lived there for a long time. Oklahoma is actually a really beautiful place, made more beautiful by the lovely people who live there.

While we were there, we stayed with Robert and Lisa Keeley, of Keeley Electronics, and man, do they know how to take care of people. For our concert at their house, they threw a company pool party. We played in the pool, ate some delicious barbecue, and then got up and played. It was delightful.


A couple days later, we drove over to Tulsa to play a show for Creation Music Company. Tulsa is a fun place to be. There are art museums, cool restaurants and great coffee.

This machine kills fascists šŸ˜² #tulsalife

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Oklahoma is dang hot, but as we’ve moved west from South Carolina, we’ve found the relative decrease in humidity makesĀ the heat more and more manageable. Oklahoma was hot, but I never felt like I was drowning in the open air, so that’s a bonus.

By the end of our stay in OKC, we had started to forget we were in Oklahoma at all, we had made so many friends there. Most places can start feeling like home if you are surrounded by friends. We’ve had the blessing of feeling at homeĀ in many different places as we travel around the country. But it was time to move on, Albuquerque was calling us.

It’s an 8 hour drive from OKC to Albuquerque, and you feel the majority of itĀ in Texas. I once heard a story about the drive through Texas and how the roads are so straight, you could fall asleep while driving and if your tire alignment is good, you could wake up and still be driving on the road. Up until two days ago, I thought that was an exaggeration. No. It isn’t. We drove four hours through northern Texas and I think we hit a slight turn twice. Don’t worry though, we didn’t test the ‘sleep through Texas’ theory.

We made it to Albuquerque, andĀ were immediately met with kindness and hospitality. I don’t know why, but we are always surprised when people turn out to be awesome. We were doubly excited to learn that Albuquerque feels like the west. I don’t quite know how to explain it, but there is a marked difference between the west, the midwest, the east and the south. There are subcultures within them obviously, but each region has a feel, and Albuquerque feels more like home than any place we’ve visited in a long time. I don’t know…it could also be that it feels like home because we crossed over a mountain range to get here :/

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