4,200 Miles

Well, we all knew this time would come. It is nearly time to change the oil in the ol’ Ford Fiesta. The people at the dealership told us again and again that it only needs changing every 5,000 miles so we are putting a lot of faith in them and it’s worked out so far.

We left Indianapolis in a slight rush, awesome as it was to stay with Roger and Gia, partially because I was getting slightly homesick and I have family in Niagara Falls, and partially because we wanted to avoid the craziness of the RNC in Cleveland (we did avoid it btw, all we saw of it were billboards with the FBI’s phone number on them, in case we were to see something of the terrorism persuasion). I say slight rush, because we initially intended to stay another night with the Coopers, but chose instead to drive through the night to Niagara Falls and sleep at my cousins house once we got there. We left Indianapolis at 9pm, and arrived in Niagara Falls at 6am, and promptly slept until 2 in the afternoon.

It was a glorious sleep. I don’t remember feeling tired at all once I woke from it, but we did go down to the actual falls once we got moving, so I don’t know if I had a real chance to feel drowsy.

Niagara Falls from a safe distance

My cousin and her family took us to Cave of the Winds, which is the full experience of the falls from land (as opposed to Maid of the Mist, which is experiencing it from a boat). As you can see, I opted not to wear the traditional poncho they give you, as it was 90 degrees and I was excited to get some relief.

Niagara Falls from a less safe distance

All I can say is, I got what I came for.

We had a fun few days with my family in Niagara Falls, in which we visited the Falls several times, watched a country cover band play probably the hottest show they will every play (and when I say hot, I don’t mean sexy, I mean holy-hell-the-Sun-may-burn-us-alive-standing-here hot), we went to see the new Star Trek together, and we played a show!

It was actually a really special show for me, because my family was all there who had never seen me sing live before. Cicadas sang with us through the entirety of the performance, which added a really nice organic feel to the whole thing. I wish we had a recording of it, because it really was quite something.

My cousin has two dogs living in her house, a fox hound named Flash, who will visit the bar down the street on occasion and apparently runs up a tab, and the biggest chihuahua I’ve ever seen who goes by the name Poppy. Neither Flash nor Poppy were allowed to watch the concert, but Poppy still found a way to show his support. I love that dog.


The day after our show in Niagara Falls, we had a show lined up in Rochester. That show turned out to be a little bit different from our normal shows, because we wound up playing with three other bands. We had a great time. Later that evening, Dillan and I found ourselves at an abandoned warehouse in downtown Rochester, where we recorded a couple videos with Adventure Audio’s pedals. Christian, the owner of said pedal company is helping out to convert the warehouse into what is going to be the most amazing recording studio in Rochester. With the sounds we got out of it, we can’t wait to see what comes out of it when it’s finished. I’d show you a video, but I’m waiting on the audio, once I get it, I’ll post a video.

The next day, Dillan and I put on our adult pants and drove to New York City. That city is not for the faint of heart, period, but it is especially daunting when one is driving through it. And then there was the small matter that we wound up driving through it in a flash flood. I can’t really tell you how wonderful it was to get to our friend Sam’s apartment in Queens, and upon walking into his apartment, sopping wet and arms full of bags and gear, I smelled a  homemade meal. Good grief. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Sam would be humble and tell you it wasn’t a big deal, but it was marvelous and we were so happy for it.

While visiting New York City, we only drove in and out of it. We took the train everywhere we needed to go while there which was much less stressful, although I’ll tell you, waiting for the train at the station in late July is an extremely uncomfortable experience. You stand and wait, breathe in and feel the slight ache as hot, wet air enters your lungs and start to think you might have some idea what it’s like to be a smoker. I’m probably exaggerating, but for real, the heat there is no joke.


Eating lunch on the roof.

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New York City was truly, very hot the next couple of days, even for born New Yorkers, but especially for we Washingtonians. At ~90 degrees and 90% humidity, we had to sweat it out, but we walked 20 miles in 48 hours. We went everywhere we could think to go: Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Carnegie Hall, Times Square, Washington Square Park, the Nintendo Store, Rockefeller Center, and of course a fun little shop that had true blue New York Pizza. Dillan and I thought we might try to compare New York Pizza to Chicago Pizza and tell you which one is our favorite, but they really are super different. You have to try them both.


We wound up singing randomly (or not so randomly 😉 in Washington Square Park. It was super fun!

While in NYC, we played a house show in Brooklyn, where some of New York’s up and coming latest and greatest musicians and actors came to give us a listen. There is a bit of a ratio of greatness when it comes to musicians and where they choose to live/play. You know, like how good is a musician who lives in Seattle vs. a musician who lives in Phoenix. But New York, LA and Nashville are the big ones. Those are the cities where the really great musicians live because they can afford to live there with music as their main gig. Needless to say, Dillan and I were both a little bit anxious to play for true New York artists, but it turned out everyone was super nice and we made more friends that night than we could have hoped for.

The state of New York treated us so well. We ate delicious food, we played awesome shows, and we made some amazing new friends. We are so excited to plan out our next tour so we can come back and play there again!


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