3,100 Miles

The last few days have been pretty interesting weather-wise. Dillan and I had planned to camp all the days we weren’t staying with friends but the last couple days there have been magnificent storms all night, so we’re inventing ways to sleep in the car. The first night, we just slept in the front, but last night we took all the stuff out of the back and stacked it all in the front seats so we could lay down in the back. The rain poured, the lightning struck, the thunder clapped, but Dillan and I were safe and warm in a little Ford Fiesta, tucked away in an Indiana rest stop.

Minneapolis was a dream. While we were there, we stayed with Joel Korte and his family, who are lovely people. We stopped by Chase Bliss Audio, to record some videos for them.

And then, because Joel and Kelly Korte are legitimately the best people ever, they took us down to downtown Minneapolis for a show. It was located at a small listening venue, but the show was lovely. I don’t know if you guys have heard of Adam Svec, but you should check him out. He sounds like the lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie, but with a bit more drama to his vocals. It was great, and we loved it.

Since leaving Minneapolis, we spent some time in Wisconsin, getting to know the various types of cheese. I used to work in a tea and toast shop, where I learned a lot about various types of cheeses: soft, soft-rind, hard, aged…you name it, I probably learned about it. But I had never seen so many cheeses available in a gas station before. We got enough cheese curds to last us for three days for five dollars…and it was amazing. We also tried on cheese hats, which was even more amazing.

From Wisconsin, we drove to Chicago, where we both experienced true deep dish pizza for the first time. Chicago is different than I expected it to be. The drivers drive about 20mph faster than I expected, and their city front is way more beautiful than I’d ever thought. We drove through it an hour before sunset, so the whole city glowed gold. It was pretty magical.

We kept driving that night, and wound up at a rest stop 60 miles west of Indy, where we first experimented with piling all our stuff in the front of the car, so we could lay down in the back. It was remarkably successful. Even though Dillan is 6’4″ and I am 5’9 1/2″, we slept alright, we weren’t drenched and we hadn’t lost any money, so we were feeling pretty good.

We made it to Indianapolis. We played two shows there, one was significantly more populated than the other, but both were fun in there own way. I learned about the very real truth that I might run into poison ivy, and that getting lost in a corn field is something that could actually happen to you if you aren’t careful. I hadn’t realized how many dangers there are in Indiana, but I have to say the people there, at least the people we stayed with, are lovely. After sleeping in a car for a couple days, I was looking forward to sleeping somewhere that was solidly connected to the ground, but I didn’t expect our friends to give up their bed and sleep in their kids room. This kind of hospitality, I had never seen before. Actually sacrificing some of their comfort for my benefit in such a real way was really moving, and after days of transient living, it allowed me to sleep better than I had in quite some time.

These people, Roger and Gia Cooper, have three great kids. Their oldest, Lucy, is nine, and loves doing gymnastics in the house. She see’s the world through a wonderful lens, full of adventure, fun and kindness. I’ve never seen a braver child than Lucy, nor one so full of hope. Their next oldest, Teddy, is seven. This kid is the grande entertainer, the parkour master, and emcee. If there is something to be seen, Teddy is in the middle of it. And their youngest, London, is two. We love London. She is the most emotive kid I’ve ever seen. She has opinions about most things, but she danced to our music, which is high praise from any two year old, I have to tell you. We also got good reviews from Chase (Joel Korte’s little boy), who laid down in his dad’s lap and watched us for a full song and a half.

We’ve since left Indiana, but we will miss our friends there. We have a show tonight in Niagara Falls. I’ll let you know how that goes later, but it’s been a while since my last post, and I want to keep you guys updated 🙂


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