2,300 Miles

This week has been crazy. I thought I’d have this post done and dusted by last Saturday but 2300 miles later, I’m finally getting around to it. Don’t get me wrong, this trip has been awesome, just crazy and awesome.

In the last week, we’ve driven from our little Peninsula town to Minneapolis, MN. We’ve camped in Yellowstone, and the Grand Tetons, visited Mt. Rushmore, Wall Drug and the Badlands, and now I’m sitting in a coffeeshop super reminiscent of some of my old stomping grounds in the U-District in Seattle, thinking to myself, “are we really in Minnesota?”

Yes, yes we are.

Dillan and I have done some traveling together before this trip, but up until now we’d never camped on our own with our own agenda. It’s been a totally new experience, figuring out how to fit all the stuff we’re going to need for two months in Dillans Ford Fiesta, Tetris-style. (We definitely took the back seats out, I don’t think we could have done it otherwise), how to avoid bear visits while camping in the Rocky Mountains, and how to prepare food at rest stops (it is a meticulous process, washing strawberries in a drinking fountain, but we did it and we left the place cleaner than it was when we got there).

We’ve already had some shenanigans on our travels. At one rest stop somewhere in the middle of nowhere, Wyoming, very late at night, we realized the bathrooms had remarkable reverb. Everything we said sounded better inside the bathroom because the acoustics were just awesome, so we decided to record something in one, thinking nobody would come in, as it was close to 1 in the morning.

You can see how that turned out, but good acoustics are so rare, and you have to take them where you can find them. (Sorry for the peaking audio: we didn’t have time to dial in, as we were in a random bathroom).

It’s been one big adventure so far. Complete with breathtaking views and late night drives. But it’s still just the beginning, and we are so excited for the rest of it.

Dillan and I at Old Faithful

Sunset at the Grand Tetons

The Tetons, the moon and the two of us.
The Tetons, the moon and the two of us.
Dillan in the Badlands
Me in the Badlands
Dillan and I in the Badlands
Dillan and I in the Badlands





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